Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I Finally Glow in the Dark

Please welcome the newest member of the WellNails family:
I Finally Glow in the Dark

Omg, I was so excited when the glow in the dark-stuff came in the mail yesterday, I just had to run upstairs to my little polish maker table and play around with it.

At times like that I'm happy that Mister Man aren't at home these days, because literally all night went by making test of this polish. And he would not be happy with that.

Out came a stunning result, if I must say so myself.

I simply just love it. It's everything I wanted it to be in my head :D

In the dark

I artificial light, no flash

Alright, an introduction is needed:

I Finally Glow in the Dark is part of the 'How I Met Your Mother' collection.
It's inspired by the episode "False Positive" from season six.

Lily and Marshall learns that a positive pregnancy test was false, and that causes Barney to spend all his Christmas bonus money on a suit covered in real diamonds. Ted yells at him to take it back to the store, and this is where Barney utters the phrase "But Ted, I glow in the dark. I finally glow in the dark!"

And I just knew, I had to make a polish inspirered by that :D

That's why "I Finally Glow in the Dark" is filled with silver shreds and black glitter. And then there's the holographic blue. Well, I figured: When do you wear a glow in the dark polish anyway? When you go out clubbing, right? So to funk it up, I added the holo blue. Making it beautiful during day - non glowing - as well, I think. That was my intention anyway.

WARNING: Do not put this on and fuel the glow right before bedtime. It will keep you up at night, because you will lay and wave your hands around, pretending it's a dangerous fish mouth or something like that. Should be kept away from kitties as well.

Anyway, let me know what you feel about this?

I've got a few more glows in mind. But if you're not liking this one, I'll rethink the whole concept ;)

Monday, 1 October 2012

Put On Your Ducky Tie!

So we all know Barney's a little hung up on his ties, right...
Therefore it's a cruel punishment to him, when Marshall orders him to wear a ducky tie for the rest of the year, because he looses a bet.

And he's not particually happy about it...

I just love yellow and blue together, but it tends to get kinda Swedish (since the Swedish flag is infact yellow and blue, if you didn't know this). And though I think Sweden is a fine country, I'm glad that this ducky tie also has got orange in it ;)

I've mixed some sapphire blue holographic glitter with some neon yellow glitter and matte orange glitter.
I really like the outcome of it :)

Two layers over one layer of a light grey:

Artificial light, no flash


Let me know what you think?