Monday, 1 April 2013

Press it For Glory

Press it For Glory is a silver pigmented polish with black square glitter in two different sizes and loads of silver holo.

It's inspired by the awesome episode "Woooo!", in which Barney's firm (Goliath National Bank) chooses the architectual firm Sven to design their new head quarters instead of Ted's company, Mosbius Designs.

Or, actually Barney makes the decision - after this presentation from Sven:

Sorry about the quality, I couldn't find a better version on YouTube.

Anywho, if you watch the clip the inspiration pretty much gives, right?
Silver pigments because of the awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex! And black glitter because of the Svens' outfits. And microscopic, silver holo bar glitter that pops out whenever you turn the nails, giving them a sparkly, yet sophisticated look.

I do love this colour, but it has not been given the proper recognition it deserves ;)
It was worn by Lauristrodes Fun With Nails on the Robert Awards (the Danish version of the Emmy, I believe). That's pretty darn cool, right?

Here are some more shots of it. It's so hard to take a good picture of it's holographic loveliness!

Direct sun light

Direct sun light

Shade - still sparkly, but more refined.

How do you guys feel about it now? 


  1. IT.IS.AWESOME!!!!! I need to wear it soon again!!!

    1. Thank you! And yes! And if you can get better pictures of it than I could, please DO share ;D

  2. Btw, check out this for a better quality clip of the Sven presentation:

    1. Verdammt, I knew that! I totally knew that, but spaced it out! Thank you :D


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