Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Oh, Honey..!

I love Katy Perry. She was my first inspiration to create funny, creative nail art, and the first OPI I ever bought was actually 'Last Friday Night'.

Every time I listen to that Katy song, I get an sudden urge to go paint my nails ;D

So, I love Katy, I love her nails and her music - so of course I had to pay my respect to the lovely lady and create a polish inspired by the HIMYM-episode 'Oh, Honey', where she's a guest star.

Katy plays this incredible naïve girl named... Well, nobody remember her name. What they do remember, though, is that every time she opens her mouth someone says or thinks: 'Oh, Honey!'

Like Katy, I really like red and black together, so I got inspired to do this polish by looking at Katy's.... top!

It's a red jelly base filled with black hex glitters - and some red to give it a nice sparkle.
In the pictures I'm wearing two coats on bare nails.

What do you think? :)


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