About me

Hi, I'm Charlotte.

I'm the creative director of WellNails. Well, I say creative director, becuase it's sounds like a sweet job. But basically, I do all the work. The mixing, the graphics, the cutting out labels part.

I've worked on the WellNails label for quite some time now, and I'm so happy that I'm finally at a point where I can start sharing it with the world.

It's like sending a baby out on it's own. You just hope and pray that it will be received with the same love and compassion that you feel for it yourself (no, I don't have kids. How did you tell?)

On the more private matter...
I'm just about 27 years old, living in Denmark with Mister Man, who's a soldier. (All this actually came about because he chose to take a little vaca to Afghanistan, leaving me lonely and desperate to find something to have fun with now he's not around)

I got two dogs (Not five. Not yet anyway) that are a great inspiration to me. They are such wonderful creatures with wonderful colours, and actually my little Lily was the first to inspire me to mix up polish.

Lily the Shetland Sheepdog

But in the end I chose to get inspirered by my favourite sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. I just love that show and have a huge crush on Marshall... And Jason Segel!

Which is very uncommon for me. I usually don't go all star crush. I've only been that once more in my life - with Captain Jack Sparrow. He put a curse on me (But not Johnny Depp...)

Anyway, that's me.
Got a question for me? Please don't hesitate to write: wellnails@gmail.com or in the commentary below.



  1. Hvor køber jeg disse fantastiske lakker?? Og hvad koster de?
    Vær søøød at send mig en mail på timbermis@live.dk

    Vh Michelle

    1. Hej Michelle,

      Du kan købe dem i min shop: www.wellnails.storenvy.com - lige nu er der dog udsolgt. Jeg venter på at de sidste ting skal komme hjem, så jeg regner med at åbne igen snart :)

      Hvis du vil have besked om, hvornår jeg åbner igen, kan du følge mig på: www.facebook.com/WellNailsVarnish :)



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