Monday, 1 October 2012

Put On Your Ducky Tie!

So we all know Barney's a little hung up on his ties, right...
Therefore it's a cruel punishment to him, when Marshall orders him to wear a ducky tie for the rest of the year, because he looses a bet.

And he's not particually happy about it...

I just love yellow and blue together, but it tends to get kinda Swedish (since the Swedish flag is infact yellow and blue, if you didn't know this). And though I think Sweden is a fine country, I'm glad that this ducky tie also has got orange in it ;)

I've mixed some sapphire blue holographic glitter with some neon yellow glitter and matte orange glitter.
I really like the outcome of it :)

Two layers over one layer of a light grey:

Artificial light, no flash


Let me know what you think?


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