Friday, 14 December 2012

Drunken nights at MacLaren's

This is one of my all time favourite polishes.
I do like my greens. (And my blues!) So when I saw the little green half moon glitters, I instantly got the idea to make this polish.

Drunken nights at McLaren's is not inspired by one single episode, but by the Irish bar that the gang always hang in. And also live right above.

A lot of crazy things have happend in this bar....

Like the pencil incident...

And the election night when Barney had to decide which strip club would become his new regular...

And that time Ted and Barney decided to get even...

And when Barney decided to play 'Barney's favourite things' and give away cool stuff. Like on Oprah.

And, you know, just your regular drunken night at the bar:

So I got inspired by the fact that MacLaren's is an Irish pub. Therefore there's a lot of green glitter in different shades and sizes in this polish.
It comes in a clear base, but it's also filled with midnight blue micro glitter to give it a nighty finish.

Here's two coats layered over black:

Oh, and btw, did you know that there in fact is a real MacLaren's in New York City?

It's a little bar called McGee's, loctaed at 240 W. 55th Street. This is the bar that the magnificient Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (the creators of HIMYM) frequented on a regular basis, and it would later become the inspiration for their fictional bar, MacLaren's.

And it's named after Carter Bay's Irish assistant, Carl MacLaren, who was also the namesake for Carl, the bartender at MacLaren's.

McGee's is supposed to look almost the same as the bar set of the tv show... So forget SATC the Tour - when I go to NYC (I simply just HAVE to one day!) I won't be stepping on that pink bus, I'll be going downstairs in the dark to visit 'MacLaren's'...



    1. There really should be a 'like' function on here as well ;D

      Btw, somehow beers make me totally awesome at beat boxing ;)

  2. Love this one! Especially the half moon glitter.

    1. Thank you, Joana :)
      I have a very special feeling about this one, so I'm happy that you like it <3

      ~ Charlotte

  3. I use mine frequently for nail art, it's perfect for so many designs :)

  4. It's a fantastic glitter indeed! :)


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