Friday, 14 December 2012

Remember the night Lily Kicked Korean Elvis in the Nards?

'Kicked Korean Elvis in the Nards' is from one of my favourite episodes (although you really shouldn't have favourites among your kids, eh? ;))

It's from the episode 'Nothing good happens after 2 am', where something epic happens. Something about Robin and Ted. And Victoria, Ted's cup cake fling.

But that's not what's important in this episode. Korean Elvis is what's important!

Because he shows up one night and tours with the gang, while they try to prevent Ted from making a mistake, which is going out after 2 AM.

At one point Korean Elvis annoys Lily so much, she turns around and kicks him in the nuts. Making Barney proclaim the night has become legendary by saying this phrase: "Hey, you guys, remember the time that Lily kicked Korean Elvis in the nards?"

Epic! Not to say: Legendary! Especially Barney's face ;D
I love the phrase, the episode and of course Lily's dress! So I just had to make a polish inspired by the colours she's wearing :)

It's a white base two-coater filled with red, black and gun metal glitter.
Here it's layered over bare nails:

Btw, when I googled the name to find this pic, I discovered that I'm not the only one who's crazy-crazy about this TV-show.

Because someone has made a facebook page for that comment. And there's 123 likers!


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